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Overby Plantation Lane, Kenbridge, VA 23944 - 9 miles from South Hill, VA - Lunenburg County
Kettlestick LLC

Note to all guests: Please be aware that there will be times when your hosts will have to care for more immediate situations on the farm. Your needs are very important and will be addressed as soon as the critical concern is resolved.

We have set up policies as guidelines to our guests to ensure that peace and harmony on the farm is maintained and each family can fully enjoy their vacation time here. Policies are put in place to safeguard guests from unsuitable behavior and questionable activities.

Kettlestick is an Alcohol-Free Establishment. You may have alcohol in your RV, Tent, or rental unit, but not in the public areas of Kettlestick.


Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-In Time / Check-Out Time
Sunday through Saturday 3:30 to 9:30 PM / 1:00 PM

We do have a reasonable "grace time" for arrivals, if you feel your arrival will not be during the normal hours, please discuss this with your hosts at booking.

There will be an accessed charge for any arrival prior to any agreed upon arrival time that is before the 3:30 PM arrival time.

There will be an accessed charge for any arrival after any agreed upon arrival time that is after the 9:30 PM arrival time.

The charge for arriving outside the designated times will be $50.00

There is no refund for an early departure.


Cancellation Policy:

To our guests at Kettlestick,
We know that at times cancellations can not be avoided. We have developed what we believe is a fair and equitable policy for our guests and one that we feel surpasses the Bed and Breakfast industry standard. We trust you will understand why this policy is in place and that you will honor it to the best of your ability.

Thank you,


If you are booking a reservation within 14 calendar days of your arrival date, at the time of booking, the total booked stay will be charged to the charge account information provided at time of reservation. If the booking is within the current month and is at least three weeks ahead of stay and a personal check is sent to be received 14 calendar days prior to stay, a charge will not go on an account. Full payment, if not tendered in advance for the entire stay, is due upon arrival in cash, traveler's checks, money order or valid credit card.

If cancellation is received at least 14 calendar days or better ahead of arrival date, the full payment will not be applied to the credit card information provided at time of booking. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be applied to the credit card information.

If cancellation is received after the 14 calendar days deadline, we will refund only amounts for nights we are able to rebook an equal* or greater package, less the $50.00 cancellation fee. If we are not able to book any part of your reservation, the total amount will remain charged to the account and no refund will be granted.

*If we are not able to re-book an equal package, at the optional discretion of the Innkeepers, a vacation voucher may be issued to be used within 4 months of the aforementioned booked reservation if cancellation can not meet the above policy. Some circumstances which may allow for a voucher to be issued are: call to active military duty, death of immediate family member, unforeseen work schedules.

In all cases, a minimum $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellations will only be honored by speaking directly with the innkeepers - cancellations left on the answering machine, or on e-mail will not be honored. If a room is booked, but no cancellation is received within the deadline, no one shows up, or the room is not taken for whatever reason, the credit card number taken to reserve the room will be charged for the full nights booked.

Complete information regarding the charging schedule was included in the confirmation packet sent. I have read the letter and agree to the charging policy and dates.

There is no refund for an early departure.

Thank you for your interest in Kettlestick. We look forward to having you stay with us for your time away from home, whether that is; business, travel, or the needed vacation get away.



Parents, please understand that we love children and do so enjoy seeing their delight in being on the farm and around the animals. Our unique farm-stay offers families a time to interact with nature that they may not have had the opportunity to experience.

Due to the nature of our inn, we have to require certain standards and provide guidelines for our guests with children. If you have not already done so, please read our testimonies from families that have already visited with children or visit our photo gallery of guests to see the fun that families have experienced here.

Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult while on the farm premises. We expect children to be well-behaved and adhere to restrictions on the farm, especially as applied to animals. The innkeepers reserve the right to ask a child not to participate in activities that we feel will endanger the child or animals. The innkeepers will inform parents when policy has been violated by a child. If action is not corrected or continues, the innkeepers reserve the right to evict the party without compensation of refund.

The innkeepers also reserve the right to assess any damages that were incurred due to children. Our minimum assessment will be $50.00. This will be for damages that are beyond the normal wear of use, or when the damage demands time and money be spent on our part for repairs, or to irreplaceable items; such as antiques and collectibles, or items that will need to be repurchased. We understand that accidents will happen and through normal usage damage may occur. Please ask about any of our policies, if there is any question.



Smoking is permitted on the porch of the guest house and farm house. At no time will smoking be allowed indoors, or around the barns and livestock or in the wooded areas.


Horseback Riding

Proper attire for riding is essential for all trail rides. We expect our guests to bring appropriate clothing. Loose clothing (pants) and shoes without heels are not allowed; this includes sneakers. Upon arrival at Kettlestick a liability waiver and general horseback riding guideline will need to be signed prior to any equine activity.

All trail rides will be guided by your hosts. A nice pleasant walk is suitable and required for riding here at Kettlestick. We cover many trails that are not suitable for faster paces. This is for your safety as well as your horse's safety. Control is the key factor, not just "staying on."

The minimum age for trail rides is 9 years old. The innkeepers reserve the right to evaluate the child's ability before going on the trails and can refuse a guest's participation based on ability.

Any persons not abiding by our guidelines will be asked to refrain from these activities. Any teasing of horses will result in a warning. Any abuse of the horses by guests will result in an eviction of the guest without compensation of refund.



We know how important pets are in their owner's lives and how difficult it is to leave a pet behind when going on vacation. So we invite you to bring your family pet with you at your stay at Kettlestick.

Because animals are an integral part of the farm life here at Kettlestick, it is important to have policies for pets that will make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

* No pet is allowed in any pasture with the livestock at any time.

* All dogs must be on leash at all times within the areas directly surrounding the house and surrounding all livestock areas.

* Dogs will be allowed to be off-leash ONLY in designated areas.

Any dog off-leash is the responsibility of the owner.

_* Kettlestick takes no responsibility for injury or loss of pets while on the property.

We also have our own house cats and dog. We ask that only pets that are animal friendly be brought to the farm.

Pets are allowed with innkeeper's prior approval only! There is a per night added fee for pets staying at Kettlestick. The size of your pet determines the stay charge. We request the name and phone number of the veterinarian who has the most current vaccine record and history of your pet to check references and records if considered necessary. Only pets whose vaccines are given or dispensed by a licensed veterinarian will be accepted.

The innkeepers reserve the right to refuse accommodations to a pet upon arrival if they feel the animal presents any threat to the health or harmony of guests or animals.

Dogs - the following is required without exception:

Proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough), and a negative fecal exam. Dogs must be free of any communicable disease and free of fleas and ticks.
Dogs MUST be housebroken and non-chewers or diggers.
Dogs are not allowed up on the furniture.
Size: is limited to medium, 40 pounds or less

Dog Boarding: all guest's dogs must be kept on leash at all times when outside or in immediate farm building areas. Dogs MUST be under handler's control at all times. When indoors, dogs must be crated or in room if unattended by handler. There are outside kennel facilities available for dogs to be kept during pleasant weather conditions.

Cats - the following is required without exception:
Proof of vaccination for Rabies, Feline Distemper, Feline Leukemia, a negative FIV/Feline Leukemia Test, and a negative fecal exam.
Cats must be free of any communicable disease and free of fleas and ticks.
Litter-boxes are provided in rooms for cats.
Cats will need to be crated if evidence of clawing furniture and bedding is observed.

Other animals - accepted only by speaking with innkeepers.:


Any other form of house pet will need to be discussed prior to reservation confirmation.




Hunting will be permitted in the 40 acre timber site of the property during Virginia's hunting schedule. All Virginia hunting laws and regulations govern activities on the farm.

We will allow bow and arrow, muzzle loaders and shotgun for hunting purposes only. If hunting with dogs there is a $10.00 per night kennel charge for dogs.
See Pets policy for all restrictions.
Any animal hunted and killed on the property must be dressed in our designated area. All excess from dressing will be disposed of properly. Under no circumstances will animals be allowed to be dressed in the 40 acres and excess left. The forest is open to all guests and we do not want any of our guests to encounter any site that would be offensive to them or children.

Hunters will have priority over the 40 acres if another party is booked at the same time. Non-hunting guests will be restricted from the 40 acres when in use by hunters. This will be strictly enforced.

For guests that question our hunting policy, we invite you to visit www.ggoutdoors.org for insight clarification.


Horse Boarding

If you are traveling with your horse to a local event or across the country, we welcome you to stay here with your horse. Rough pasture board or barn stalls are provided.

All horses MUST be current on all applicable Virginia vaccines. This includes, but not limited to a Coggins Test.

Boarding fees for horses will be $10.00 per night rough pasture board and $15.00 per night for barn stalls.

Horses are allowed with innkeeper's prior approval only! We request the name and phone number of your current veterinarian to check references and records if considered necessary.

The innkeepers reserve the right to refuse accommodations to any horse upon arrival if they feel the animal presents any threat to the health or harmony of guests or animal.

Kettlestick is not responsible for any injuries sustained by or from your horse while on the premises.


Natural Resources

Kettlestick offers nature lovers a variety of places to discover God's creation. We welcome you to explore the land and experience the natural wonders found along the paths, streams, pond, forest, meadows, and sky!

Collecting and removal of wild animals, plants, or stones are not permitted for any reason.
Abuse or harassing wildlife is strictly prohibited.
Altering landscape or disturbing natural cover; such as dens, nests, brush piles, fallen trees, or stones is not permitted.
Pets must be leashed at all times.

Resident Farm Animals

Our animals are not only livestock, but pets to us here at Kettlestick so there are strict rules and regulations that need to govern what is acceptable handling of our pets/livestock. These restrictions are put forth so you will understand beforehand where we stand in regards to expectations. Our desire is for all our guests to enjoy the farm in it's entirety without disrupting the harmony we have established. There are limitations set that need to be strictly observed. Outside these restrictions, we encourage you to enjoy the animals and get to know them. Once on the farm, you will be shown the proper way to interact safely with all the animals to make your stay here most enjoyable. Guests are not allowed with any of the animals unless accompanied by your hosts or otherwise agreed upon.

Any teasing of the animals by guests will result in a warning.
Any abuse of the animals by guests will result in an eviction of the guest without compensation of refund.
We ask that you do not hand feed horses, donkeys or cows as it leads to bad behavioral habits.
We have two house cats that are people and pet friendly. The cats are outdoors.
Any questions or concerns about what is permissible with the animals needs to be addressed with the hosts.

Questions? Email will@kettlestick.net

Or Phone (434) 321-3520


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